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Probably Unpopular Opinion

I need to be really, really honest. I say this as a Destiel shipper. I don’t think we have a hope of Destiel becoming canon on show, but I don’t think it’s the fault of the writers. I think it’s the fault of America.  I think the writers would do it if they weren’t writing a show that most of the viewership was coming from a country where gay people can only get married in 4 states.

I wish things were different, but until America becomes more progressive as a country, we have to remember that at the end of the day, Supernatural is a business and the people who run it have to keep their jobs. Supernatural is barely holding on as it is. It’s not a very popular show in the mainstream and we’re lucky to have as many episodes as we have. But we have to remember that this is a business and at the end of the day, they’re in this to make money. They can’t afford the viewership loss that would happen if they had Destiel become canon and you can’t tell me people wouldn’t stop watching because they would. 

I saw one blog say they were taking a hiatus because of how disappointed they were in tonight’s show, and I’m not entirely sure what they were expecting- a kiss? a love confession? I definitely got more than I was expecting with what happened and I was very happy with tonight’s episode (well, the Megstiel parts were a little eh but different story).

Long story short, television is a business just like anything else, and I don’t think that Destiel will become canon because they just can’t afford it. 

I swear, if anyone calls me a homophobe for saying this… I fully support gay rights and I wish that they had the same right to get married as we do in every state. However, I do know how to be realistic and I know that even if I was the showrunner, I couldn’t afford the viewership lost of the more conservative people who would leave if Destiel became canon. 

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    It’s not a republican vs democrats thing. it’s a wincest vs destiel vs every other ship thing, and it’s also a team free...
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    I agree wholeheartedly. Although I’m not truly a Destiel shipper, I still think if anyone stopped watching the show...
  11. edgeofpanda said: Interesting. In the context that if the writers really are intent on making it canon, my safest bet (and probably their safest bet, too) is establishing any sort of point at the very end. But idk, they could take a risk but a risk is still a risk. You make very good points.