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Interesting knowledge about Misha and ECCC

So every other actors had scheduled times they would sign. They’d arrive for signing at a certain time, sign, and then leave at a certain time. If there was only a few people in their line, they’d stay for a few minutes, otherwise, everyone would be told to come back at their next signing time (that almost happened to us with Felicia). 

not misha.

Unless he was at a photo op or panel or he was eating, bathroom breaks, ect., Misha was always at his signing table. People have asked me how I got to meet him so many times, it’s because I would go up when he wasn’t supposed to be signing and there would be virtually nobody there so he had more time to talk. 

Misha loves us. He wants to meet us. He stays at his table because he wants to talk to us. He’s not obliged to stay there at all. He does stuff like this because he cares. 

This is why I fucking love him.

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